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Biodiversity Conservation - what has been done by GEF Project
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Atlas of North Eurasia Biodiversity
  Flora and Fauna of Russia 
  Areal Extents of Animals and Plants 
  Game Mammals 
  Introduced Species 
  Ecosystems Productivity of North Eurasia 
  Materials on Bird Abundance in the Forest Zone of West Siberian Plain 
  Regional Flora and Fauna 
  Phenology - Bird Cherry Blossoming  
  Biodiversity of the Far Eastern Region 

Conservation Activities
  Biodiversity Specialists 
  Organizations Holding Information Relevant to Biodiversity 
  Positive Experience of Biodiversity Conservation 
  First National Report "Biodiversity Conservation in the Russian Federation" 
  National Action Plan For Biodiversity Conservation 
  Environmental Projects Implemented in Russia 
  Appraisal of Regional Priorities in Environmental Investing 
  Analysis of the Wildlife Protection Funding System 
  Requests for Environmental Projects 
  Economic Mechanisms for Biodiversity Conservation 
  Methods of Economic Appraisal of Land and Wildlife Resources 
  Typical Situations Requiring Economic Appraisal 
  Business and ecology 

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Welcome to BioDat!  

BioDat is one of the largest Russian sites, devoted to biodiversity problems. Its full version is available only in Russian, but we are currently working on translation of the most interesting materials and databases into English. Here you can find some links to already translated pages, the rest of the stuff is currently in Russian and is not available yet. But we are still working... Come soon to see more materials in English!

English/Russian technical translation services


BioDat comprises...

     1275 HTML pages
     454 zip and other types of archives containing documents or information materials
     3611 - maps, diagrams, drawings in compact graphic files
     31 - electronic versions of printed monographs, books, brochures
     11160 - maps generated on-line from the databases.
     Over 11 mln units stored in 30 databases (number of margins/number of records)
     BioDat provides 10 interactive systems for communication, joint work and data replenishment

The Purpose of BioDat is the provision to our users of scientific, statistical and popular information on a wide range of problems relating to ecology and socioeconomic development.

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Reference Books and Textbooks
  Textbooks on Biodiversity 
  Red Data Book of Russia (animals) 
  Red Data Book of Russia (plants) 
  Environment Conservation Glossary 
  Scientific Papers in Biology and Geography 1981-2002 
  Information Resources on Wildlife and Biodiversity 
  Information Resources on Specially Protected Wildlife Areas 
  Flora and Fauna of Russia 
  Land Resources of the Russian Federation  
  Statistical Key Figures on the Development of the Russian Federation 
  Nature and People of Russia: ecology, religion, politics and action 
  Russia as a System. Web Atlas 
  Environment and People's Health in Russia 

Protected Wildlife Areas
  Postal and EMail addresses of Zapovedniks and National Parks
  Regulatory Documents 
  Distribution of the Specially Protected Wildlife Areas Categories over the regions of Russia 
  Total Acreage of Protected Areas 
  Total Acreage of Reserves Established after 1917 
  Methods of Economic Appraisal of Reserve Lands 
  Lists of Plants and Animals Occurring in the Reserves 
  Abstracts of Scientific Papers about Reserves 
  Bibliographies of Scientific Papers about Reserves 
  Flora of Central Russia - annotated bibliography

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