Introduced Plants

This is one of the two databases on introduced species, which includes information on plants. Database on introduced species of animals comprising 3251 records is available at his link. Brief instructions as to the usage of the database are the following:

 In the upper part of the screen you can see query window, into which you will enter your conditions for selecting information from the database, in the bottom part of the screen there is an information window, where the results of the search according the selected criteria will appear.

 The upper query window is divided into three sections. The first section is an informational one, it contains the name of the database with which you are currently working. In this section you can also at any time read the instructions or to finish the work moving back to the home page. The second section contains conditions for the search of information. There are several windows in it where you can type the keywords according to your interest, and on the basis of which information will be retrieved from the database. The third section presents the selection of fields, which will appear on the screen after selection from the database is finished.  

Query definition is performed by entering one or more keywords in relevant windows. When you enter two words into the same window they must be separated by a space. It is better to enter not a full word but only its root, by doing so you will increase the probability of finding the information you are looking for. If there are several key words (in one or several windows) then the records, in which the words are used simultaneously will be shown. If no keywords are entered then all the records contained in the database will appear.

The management of found data output is conducted in the third section containing the menu with the list of all the database fields. After completion of the search only fields selected by you from the menu will be shown on screen. Selection of several fields is possible if you use the mouse simultaneously with pressed Ctrl button. If nothing is selected from the menu then all the fields will be shown. 

If the number of found entries is too big, they will be shown not as a long list, but page-by-page, where each page will contain 20 entries. In the bottom part of the screen the search results bar is placed, with the help of which you can move to the next or previous entry and also to the beginning or end of the list. Good luck!